#41: Beware of sharks

Even if you’re one of the ‘Good Guys’ who’s playing in the ocean, sharks will still try to attack you! This advice is not only important for surfers, sport divers or ocean swimmers. It’s an important advice for consultants too.

You might always deliver top-notch results. You might always exceed your clients’ and co-workers’ expectations. You might always have the best intentions and think “customer first”. Nevertheless – there will always be someone who will bash you. There will always be someone who will diss you. Backmouth you. Run you down. Criticize you. Talk you’d down. Be jealous of you and your suscess. There will always be some sharks who will try to attack you.

Keep in mind rule #41 is: Beware of sharks.

Business is like swimming in the ocean. Beware of sharks. Watchout. Avoid  attacks. Minimize the chance to meet up with sharks. And most important: Learn quickly to discern dolphins from sharks. Because there are sharks out there. Definitely. And they will attack. Even you’re the good guy.

Or to use the words from Berti Vogts, the former coach for the german national soccer team:

“If I walked on water, my accusers would say it is because I can’t swim.”

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