#42: Refuse “cover your ass” culture

Management by fear and intimidation is still going strong in many companies and businesses. As a result, a sharp-edged “covering your ass” culture sprawls in projects.

Employees’ and team members’ driving force is to make sure that they aren’t to blame when the shit hits the fan. Sharing or diverting blame when something goes wrong has highest priority. Taking responsibility for doing any critical task or parts of the project becomes a non-option just because it might go bad. The possibility to fail wipes out the chance to succeed. That much time and efforts are just wasted because people try everything to cover their asses instead of working effectively to contribute to the project’s success.

Be a good one and remember rule #42: Refuse “cover your ass” culture.

Don’t accept wasting efforts and time spent with “cover your ass” tactics. Don’t accept not trying. Don’t accept not taking responsibility.

Refuse covering your ass. Kick asses instead.

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