#40: Make her / him miss you

Need some dating tips? Some relationship advice? Just search the web. Google will spit out tons of save bets to hook up with your dream partner or to keep your relationship alive and strong. One of the hottest tips is to make her or him miss you. Why? Constantly offering every single piece of you might cease your mates interest in you. Always being available might lower your value in her or his eyes. Always being accessible might make it hard to understand that you’re something special. Always being there and she / he will take you for granted.

There are lots of similarities between dating and consulting business. To keep your business relationship alive it’s sometimes important to remember rule #40: Make your client miss you.

Staying too long with the same client might lower how your work is appreciated. Working constantly with the same people might lead to that your contribution not longer is recognized. Your client might get used to your performance and results. Your achievements might – from your client’s perspective – become “commodity” or standard. Eventually your client might not longer see your value that clearly.

In such a situation it’s smart to make your client miss you – at least for a short period.

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