#62: Kill your darlings

“In writing, you must kill your darlings” is a key advice to upcoming authors from William Faulkner, an American writer and nobel prize winner in literature. In consulting, you must kill your darlings too. At least sometimes.

Why too often, consultants get thrilled with their own ideas or thoughts. They fall in love with a special methodology. Adore a certain tool or framework. Glorify a particular template. Swear by a specific architecture pattern. They praise their darlings and stick to them. Regardless of the customer.  Irrespective of the project. No matter what. They just love their darlings and force them onto the customer. No mercy. You’ve been there, quite sure.

So, #62 is: Kill your darlings.

“One size fits all” doesn’t always work. Before putting your darlings straight in, take a step back. Focus on your clients pains and gains. Focus on customer value. Focus on measurable results. And drop your darlings. Especially those of your darlings who won’t add value.

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