#61: Create value. Not powerpoints.

Many consultants seem to live with the misconception that their work is mainly judged by number of powerpoint slides they produce. Especially the guys and girls from the big consulting firms.

The weekly status meeting – let’s create a new slide deck. A quick discussion – let’s set up some fancy slides. A brainstorming session – let’s start with some powerpoints. Kickoff for the architecture project – let’s prepare a fancy presentation.

Sounds familiar? Think about all the slide decks produced and then just disappear in a drawer. Think about all the presentations prepared and then thrown away. Think about all the effort spend and the time wasted.

Think about it. And think about #61: Create value. Not powerpoints.

You’re a consultant. You’re here to help your client. So, please think. Think twice. Stop just creating slides. Begin creating value. For your client.

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