#59: Live your story

Every consultant should at least once visit Lisbon to see and listen to Fado in one of the traditional restaurants. Fado is a Portuguese folk music featuring a singer and two guitarists. Mournful style. Mournful tunes. Mournful lyrics about loss and sadness. Performed emotionally, expressively and touchy. The singer not just sings the song. The singer lives the the song. The singer feels the emotions. The singer believes in the story.  And the audiences feels it, too. Believes it, too. Lives it, too.

Now think about presentations. At a conference. A customer meeting. Or an internal one. The best ones are the presentations where the speaker is engaged, shows emotions, tells a story and lives it, believes in the message. The audiences feels it. And believes in it. And accepts the message.

So, next time doing a presentation, think about Fado and rule #59: Live your story.

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