#56: Accept the gap

Turn back time and remember your freshman years at college or university. Think about the final days before an exam. The closer the date, the harder you work. The more you rehearse, the less you think you know. The more you study, the more gaps of knowledge you discover. Frustration. Desperation. Demoralization. Full stop. Blackout during the test.

Think about your latest development project. Several organizations, business units or applications involved. Many integrations to design. Many interfaces to develop. Many endpoints to connect to. One of the core systems hasn’t yet been able to provide a well-documented endpoint description including WSDL or WADL. The architect and developers struggle. There’s a gap of knowledge regarding the certain interface. Frustration. Desperation. Demoralization. Full stop in the project. Deliveries delayed. Costs explode.

Every now and then, you’ll face situations where knowledge gaps seem to block everything.  So, rule #56: Accept the gap.

Just have the guts to accept that there might be a lack of information or knowledge. Move on. Focus on the areas and elements you know about and continue.

Done is better than perfect.

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