#55: Have something to say

“Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools because they have to say something”. Unfortunately, many consultants do not know these words from Plato.

There are way too many meetings or workshops where some people mean they just have to say something. They usually come with obvious statements like “business and IT must work close together” or “let’s focus on low hanging fruits”. They typically babble endlessly and just repeat what their manager already said some minutes earlier. Or they use loud and fancy words making easy things sound complicated and bemusing.

Way too often some people feel they have to say something. Just to satisfy a need to be noticed. Just as a proof for their existence or their roles and positions. But way too rarely, these people actual have something to say. In the end, they do a brilliant job in embarrassing not only themselves but also their colleagues. And they manage easily to leave a great mess and confusion.

So, to make your life and the lives of your colleagues, customers or business partners easier: Please follow rule #55: Speak because you have something to say. 

Speak because you have a message. Speak because you have something to contribute with. Speak because you have ideas, proposals, insights or useful thoughts. Speak because you have something to say. But don’t just say something. Please. Thanks.

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