#53: Call a spade a spade

Once again a rule which applies both private and business life. People often don’t dare to explicitly speak out something as it is. Often people avoid calling things out. Honestly and directly. People  struggle to call things by its right name. Why? Because way to often the messenger gets shot.

Nevertheless – buy yourself a bulletproof vest – and go for rule #53: “Call a spade a spade”.

Just take some seconds and think about: How many times have you been in meetings with a customer where the project lead tells a sunshine history, but everyone knows it’s going to crash? How often have you been asked for feedback by a friend or co-worker where you colored your answer? How often have you been sitting on information or experience telling you someone’s screwing it up without calling it out?

Even if you get shot, take the bullets and call a spade a spade. In the long run it will gain all – your customer, your friends, your company, your co-workers and yourself.

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