#51: Don’t be a helicopter

During landing and take off in a sandy dessert, a helicopter makes an excessive noise and stirs up dust. That much noise and that much dust that everyone nearby gets completely distracted and neither can hear, see nor do anything else. But minutes after take off when the dust has settled, everything is exactly the same as before the helicopter cropped up.

Often it is a similar situation especially with management or business consultants. They suddenly appear with an enormous noise. They make a great hullabaloo. They cause a great stir. They create confusion. They know all. They know all best. And as soon as they are gone and the dust has fallen down again, everything is exactly the same as before. The more junior, the more helicopter.

That’s where rule #51 comes in: Don’t be a helicopter.

When starting a new project, make a smooth arrival and unspectacular appearance at your client. Don’t be disruptive. Don’t stir up dust and don’t riot. Keep your nose off others’ business or projects. Be open and transparent for you client’s organization. Focus on your job and your mandate. Work targeted to leave visible results. Just throttle the helicopter and produce more than just noise and dust.

Credits to Iris Janda, Global Manager Strategic Marketing & Communications at CGG Multi-Client and New Ventures.

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