#38: Be generous

Life is full of give and take – both private life and business. Many people are more “takers” who try to get as much as possible from others. Some only give exact what they expect to get back. Only a few are real “givers” who generously and selflessly give almost all to serve others and to support them without expecting anything in return.

Newer studies and research conclude with that there’s a business case for being nice in business. Just take a look at http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-04-04/give-and-take-the-business-case-for-being-nice.

The business case for being nice leads to rule #38: Be generous, be a giver.

Consultants who generously and selflessly serve their customers, colleagues, coworkers, partners or business friends will get a payback sooner or later.

Consultants who always think, aim and act in a way that’s beneficial to everyone will in the long run win.

Therefore, be generous and give selflessly!

Credits to Dr. Ingo Schrewe at his team at Incowia GmbH for providing the core idea for this rule.

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