#35: Don’t get caught with your pants down

Some like it kinky, sure. But the majority of the people don’t want to get caught with their pants down. Neither in private nor business live. It’s a small word. Bad decisions make the best stories. The talk is cheap when the story is good. Getting caught in any kind of an embarrassing situation could be the end of a consultant’s professional carrier.

Therefore is rule #35: Don’t get caught with your pants down. Both literally and figuratively.

  • If you assert something, you should have evidance and be able to prove your assertion.
  • If you cite some facts, you actual should have your facts read and don’t rely on rumors, assumptions or factoids.
  • If you claim to be an expert, you should be an expert and be able to demonstrate it.
  • If you claim you’ve been “responsible” for a certain “success project”, you actual should have been responsible for it and it should have been a success.
  • If you talk about something, you should know what you talk about and not be revealed as an ultra-lighter.

Just don’t get with your pants down.

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