#32: Chase for answers, chase for facts

Assume an ordinary day at work. Think about a typical meeting. Take any workshop. Heavy discussions. Many challenges. Huge problems. Complicated explanations. Lots of assumptions. Mostly guesswork. Nobody really has the facts. Nobody dares asking, probably they don’t know the questions either. Nobody really tries to find the answers. Several days or weeks later – still the same discussions, the same challenges and problems. Still no facts. But more guesswork. Sounds familiar?

Sounds familiar for sure, that’s why great consultants follow rule # 32: Chase for answers, chase for facts.

As a consultant, you never should be afraid asking and questioning. Don’t feel like a fool when you ask for clarifications or a clearer explanation. Never stop asking. Ask until you understand. Dare asking again and again. Chase for answers. Chase for facts.

And keep in mind the saying of the following chinese proverb: “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.”

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