#31: Trust your nose

How would you check whether your food is spoiled? You could check the “best before” date. You could do a visual check. Or you could do a sniff test and follow your nose. You’d just trust your instinct.

How would you choose the perfect mate? Look, humor, attractiveness, smartness, fitness, kindness, style, body shape, interests – things like that. But in the end – research within Evolutionary Psychology revealed – it’s actual your nose picking your soul mate. You’d just follow your sixth sense. Your instinct.

Sometimes, in business, it’s the same. You just should follow your instincts, your sixth sense. So, rule #31 recommends: Trust your nose.

You’re asked to jump into a new project. The management tells you sunshine stories like “challenging project”, “cutting edge technologies”, “genius team mates”, “opportunity to learn from the best”. Stuff like that. Follow your sixth sense. Trust your nose. If the project stinks, it stinks. If your nose tells you to say no, say no.

You’re required to add additional resources to your team. You’re doing an interview with a candidate who was pitched in as “domain expert”, “real doer”, “experienced technologist”, “smartest developer ever”. Praises phrases like that. Trust your instinct. Trust your nose. If your gut feeling says no, say no.

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