#28: Act like a Broadway artist

Consulting business is showbusiness. At least sometimes. There are a lot of things consultants can learn from showpeople. Think about Broadway artists. Think about great entertainers, comedians, musicians or stage actors. They play the same program over and over again. Show after show, day after day, week after week.

Every time Broadway artists enter the stage, they know it’s showtime. The same songs, the same jokes, the same replicas. But a new audience. Yesterday’s success doesn’t count. Yesterday’s performance doesn’t matter. It’s here and now. They have to give all to win the public again. Full energy. Full power. Full passion. They have to hit every beat and tune. They have to deliver the punch line of each joke. They have to perfectly time each move and each gesture. They have to perform a perfect show. They have to engage and deliver a brilliant experience to their audience.

All business is like show business, and especially consulting business. Remember rule #28: Act like a Broadway artist.

A new customer, a new sales pitch, and you have to tell the same story again. About your company. Your services. Your experience and competency. Act like a Broadway artist and tell with passion.

A new week, another meeting with the board, and you have to present – once again – the new IT strategy you worked with. Act like a Broadway artist and deliver the punch line.

Yet another workshop or just another normal working day. Act like a Broadway artist and don’t take a rest on yesterday’s success. Be good. Give your best.

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