#24: Keep your cool

Ever watched ambulance paramedics, police men or fire workers at work in case of an emergency? These people are trained to stay calm in difficult and stressful settings. They do not panic. They try immediately to take control over the situation. They are extremely focused on their job and what they have to do now and next. They are used to do quick decisions and tough prioritizations. These people are professionals.

Clients expect professionalism from the consultants they hire. They need consultants who stay calm in hard times. Consultants who just help fixing any crisis. Consultants who take control over the situation. Consultants who know rule #24: Keep your cool.

In heavy times or situations which your client perceives as an emergency you must demonstrate professionalism.

Remain cool in a crisis. Detach emotionally from the situation. Do not panic. Do not catastophize. Do not dramatize. Don’t make things bigger than they are. Don’t spend time on the negative. Don’t focus on what went wrong. Focus on what you should do now. Get in control. Act. Do your job. And help fixing the crisis.

And just remember: When it rains, it pours. Keep your cool.

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