#12: Be human, not superhuman

All business is personal. Especially consulting business. Clients often do not hire consultants best fitting to a certain job. Clients normally hire consultants they like having around; those they feel most comfortable being with; those they will probably enjoy working with. Clients hire humans, not robots or superhumans.

That’s why rule #12 says: Be human, not superhuman.

Most people prefer working with humans instead of superhumans, robots or machines. People like working with others they feel connected with. Show and express (controlled) emotions to ensure that your appear human. Avoid being mistaken as a robot. Connect with your clients.

Smile when your happy. Laugh when there is something to laugh about. Express – in a controlled way – when you’re frustrated or angry. Show when your are concerned. Be human, not superhuman. But be authentic and avoid fake emotions.

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